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Online Marketing for University ,Colleges,
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Establish brand online and increase enrollments

With the rising number of university and colleges in India, the university and colleges call for better online marketing strategies to attract lots of students. According to the recent audit report on higher education, there are 700 Universities, 35, 829 colleges plus 11 443 stand-alone institutions in India. With such a crazy number of university and over 35000 affiliate colleges, admitting more than 20 million students is a complicated affair in India. With such as some institutions in the market, what is the best online marketing strategies Colleges University should use to attract more students?

Why Online Marketing is the Best Way to Increase Enrollment

Many institutes and college used to rely conventional marketing methods like paper media, digital media and billboards to reach students of their families. However, as time goes on and consumers begin to change the way they find information, these methods are losing their effectiveness. Instead, all of the best college marketing ideas are now oriented online.

According to the 2016 E-Expectations Report, almost 80% of all polled high school juniors and seniors reported that a college website influenced their perception of the institution in question. This statistic saw an 11% increase from 2015-2016 alone, which clearly demonstrates how the college enrollment process is evolving.

Here are a few statistics from the same report, if you’re still not convinced (percentages refer to the pool of 3,000+ high school juniors and seniors that were polled):

  • 58% of seniors and 71% of juniors reported that a college’s website is their first stop when looking up information about an institution
  • 80% of seniors and 77% of juniors ranked a college’s website as either the first or second most important resource when researching colleges
  • 60% of seniors and 55% of juniors were more likely to consider institutions that utilized email, text, and social media to communicate

As consumers increasingly turn to the Internet to learn about higher education institutions, these institutions must also be there with them. If not, they will have difficulty increasing their enrollment rates, because they will not have a strong enough online presence to inform and educate those who are interested in locating a college. Increasing enrollment in general is important, but you can also increase online enrollment and answer general questions about your school more reliably via the Internet than traditional media.

Online marketing is also far less expensive, and typically has a higher ROI, than traditional marketing methods. This is why the Internet is the best way to both reach consumers and convince them to learn more about your school.

Increase Traffic with Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising

For Colleges and University to get more students, they need an incredible online marketing strategy. Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is one approach colleges and university can increase traffic on their site. With PPC advertising; you can pick which keywords and terminology you need to trigger your marketing. For instance, you can set your advertising to show when individuals look for “universities in India.” One of the benefits of PPC is that outcomes are prompt, and you can contact an exceedingly focused on a gathering of people.

Build up a strong social network presence

Colleges and universities in India can use a Social Media platform to offer potential student something unendingly more successful than just marketing: A feeling of having a place. Develop an online group that incorporates them by speaking to their desire to be a piece of something greater. Build up Facebook pages, for the school, as well as for every office.

Engage your faculty and student leaders online

The university departments play a critical role in marketing. University and colleges should develop online journals and incorporate key employees and office heads. Link the online journals to your site and social networking. Notwithstanding, you your website, talk about student and institution and make it as interactive as possible. Besides, allow students to make their remarks and discussions.

Optimize for mobile

Digital innovation is moving away from PCs to tablets and Smartphone. The world’s driving chip designers and producers are focusing on enhancing the mobile technology since phones are becoming favorable option for student. Universities and colleges in India ought to consider developing Apps to enhance their interaction with students.

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