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    Digitviral provides affordable PPC services to businesses of all sizes

    PPC services are important in today’s digital marketing landscape. It is a cost-effective way for those who want to advertise their products or services on the internet at scale. The success of any business depends on its ability to generate leads, which is why PPC services are essential for online marketers and advertisers alike. Digitviral has been in the PPC business for over 12 years and has served over 1000 clients and more than 800 active campaigns. We provide PPC services with state-of-the-art advertising platforms and technologies backed by highly skilled, technically savvy and experienced professionals. Our PPC services are results-oriented, so whether it’s your business or personal brand that needs help, we can help make it a success in the digital world!

                                                                               Grow your business by getting quality PPC services without breaking the bank                                           

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    Why choose PPC services?

    Enhanced brand visibility

    PPC advertising has the power to increase your brand’s visibility across multiple channels and platforms, which ultimately increases the awareness of your products and services. 

    Cost effective solution

    In PPC, you have to pay to the search engines only when someone clicks on your ad. It indicates that you need to pay only when you have a sales opportunity, making PPC an affordable option.

    Easy to track

    PPC services make it convenient to measure performance of your PPC campaign. With the help of tools like Google Ads and Google Analytics, you can track details such as conversions, clicks, etc.

    Total customization

    With PPC services, you can customize every aspect of your pay-per-click campaigns such as the keywords, right audience targeting, and even the particular zip codes you want your ads to run.

    Helps increase revenue

     The traffic you receive via a PPC campaign is of higher quality, allowing your sales team to contact leads and convert them into buyers. This process can help your company double its revenue.

    Experimental opportunities

    Creating unique versions of PPC ads can help companies experiment with different aspects to get valuable insights about what their customers likes, needs, etc.

    What you can expect from our PPC services


    Decrease in cost per lead


    Increase in click-through-rate (CTR)


    Decrease in cost-per-click (CPC)

    Our PPC services will help you

    Increase your ROAS

    Digitviral PPC services allow you to take advantage of the latest technologies that will help you increase your ROAS

    Reduce your CPC

    We Manage your ad budget effectively to reduce your cost per click and increase the actual number of impressions your ads get

    Increase your ROI

    We can boost your search results, get more conversions and eventually increase your ROI with our PPC services

    Establish and Grow your brand online

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      Popular activities we do for Pay Per Click services


      Google Ads management

      Google AdWords is considered to be the most reliable search network for Pay Per Click campaigns. Our AdWords experts specialize in bidding on the right keywords and help drive high-value traffic to your business


      Display Advertising

      Display Advertisements are known for driving exponential traffic to the website, with the help of visually rich and engaging content and suitable placements. Digitviral ensures that your ads are targeted where your prospects mostly spend their time.


      Social Media Advertisement

      Digitviral makes use of popular social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, twitter, LinkedIn, to create Ads that are targeted towards the right audience, driving more engagement and increasing sales



      Remarketing or Retargeting is one of the most effective ways to stay engaged with your potential customer. Through Remarketing pay-per-click services, Digitviral will show your ads to those users who have shown interest in your products, and will entice them to opt for it.


      PPC Landing page creation

      Without an information-rich landing page, your investment may not yield the desired  results. As a reliable website development company, we have the skills and expertise to create and optimize your landing page to enhance conversions.

      What makes our PPC services different?

      Extensive PPC audit

      Digitviral performs in-depth and extensive PPC audits to determine possible campaign issues, tweak your strategy and make your campaign more effective

      Certified google partner

      Digitviral is a proud member of the coveted Google Premier Partners list. Our PPC agency consists of a team of certified Google Ads PPC specialists with huge industry experience and proven digital marketing knowledge.

      Detailed reporting provided

      We will provide you with detailed campaign reports covering key aspects such as your Google Analytics results, keyword rankings, and the overall campaign performance. 

      We meet deadlines

      We value the time of our clients. Our Pay per click management team works diligently to ensure that all deadlines are met. 


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