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    Having a website to compete in the online industry is not a one-day affair. The task is an ongoing process. The complexities are further broken down into small parts to make it feasible to obtain the final results. A/B testing marketing companies or digital marketing companies sell off these services to their clients. A/B testing, in general, is website optimization. To make it simple to understand here is an example: Suppose the two beverages prepared by milk are tea and coffee. The test is run to understand which is in more demand in a particular region. Tea responds well in the market. Hence, the winner is tea. The assumptions are eliminated. Hang on with us till the end to expose yourself to the knowledge of A/B testing.

    What is A/B Testing?

    A/B testing, split testing, or Multivariate testing is a website optimizing method. The process can be defined as a trial testing of a website split into two to understand which one provides better metrics. The tool or strategy can test ads, websites, or applications. In simpler words, it is an experiment to eliminate the approximation of the work by choosing the direction which worked better out of the two variable versions through A/B testing. The ‘A’ refers to the control or original testing variable, and ‘B’ means a new version of an original testing variable. The one that turns out to serve the best results and improves the business metrics would be the method adopted for further operations of website, application, or ads. A/B testing marketing companies compile the data and research, landing on a framework that works best for your website through the A/B testing method.

    Importance of A/B testing

    A/B testing helps quantify the qualitative result, mapping how the user base reacts between two variables. It is not just the product or service you are placing online to increase sales but the continuous task and recurring changes in the website to increase traffic and user experience through website optimization. Let us look at the importance of A/B testing:

    Improved engagements & content

    Through changes in the image, fonts, colors, texts, you can understand how the visitors respond to the adopted methodologies. For instance, if you change the cart appearance, then proper analysis of how the users respond would reveal the next step. This improves engagements and also how the content looks. Recurring changes improve the page, app appearance. The effectiveness is initiated by minor redesigning.

    Increased ROI

    Any changes in the website can result in increased traffic, ultimately increasing the return on investment.  can be a lot beneficial as these websites and apps are like an introductory page for your business. Digitviral offers services of A/B testing for SMB, with the help of its trained staffs.

    Statistical Analysis

    A/B testing is a data-driven process. The secure statistical method depends on factors like links clicked and time spent by a user on the page can give a statistical result. These results will provide a clear idea about how to proceed further. Google optimize ab testing process aims to provide you with the best result following the process. A/B testing for Facebook is also very important process for facebook ads.

    Reduced Bounce rates:

    It is said that the lower the bounce rate, the good it is for you. The audience spending more time on the website depicts how interactive your site is. Through A/B testing, you can better your site and optimize the page. The more variation, the more good versions you will target.

    How to do A/B testing?

    A/B testing measures user experience through statistical data on the original version of the page and the new version. A/B testing marketing comes with regular, intense work that would ultimately increase daily traffic and user experience. We would briefly explain here how A/B testing can be done by putting valuable efforts.

    Collecting statistics

    Statistics are like an x-ray machine that gives insights into the overall performance. Encounter the present response of visitors on the page or app. Unfold the user behavior through various tools to get insight into the problem areas or the areas that are already optimized.

    Formulating Hypothesis

    The collected statistics or data connect you further with the hypothesis for conversions. Since the data is measured, you can aim at variations and not move forward aimlessly. Once you know which areas or elements need to be fixed based on the response of users, it would be easy for you to target the variation for your application, page, and ad.


    Based on the hypothesis, create variations parallel to the existing version. The variation can be single or multiple. Here, you would want to check which one works the best by experimenting with the two variations. Depending upon your hypothesis, the variation can be of any type in any element of the page/website.


    After all the research and implementing tasks, you need to conclude the result to check out whether the approach adopted is working or not. Among the two versions, one has to be the winner. Do a proper analysis of how the variation worked out for you. The measures evaluated will serve you with a tangible result.

    How digitviral does A/B testing?

    Digitviral, through its A/B testing services for SMB projects the goal to establish an engaging website, page, or application for your business to roll out branches successfully in the online and offline market. Given below are the three ways by which Digitviral does A/B Testing:

    Website data Research

    Digitviral experts scrutinize the website components relying on the tools like Google analytics exploring elements demanding variations. With the available data, we frame the roadmap ahead.

    Observe & test

    We compile the research and user behavior to inculcate the steps for variations by creating a hypothesis. Employing examination instruments like Heatmaps, Visitor recordings to understand the user behavior or response to the website.

    Implication & conclusion

    Furthermore, the implication of variations into the page and creating version 2 to test the hypothesis is our next step. Comparing the changes, we analyze which worked out best. We finally decide which one to choose.

    Digitviral circles an idea for your business to grow with a team of experts. To inquire more about A/B testing, request a free quote or connect with us on call.