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    Affiliate Marketing For Businesses

    The internet has revolutionized the concept of affiliate marketing. Amazon took the initiative to popularize the idea of affiliate marketing for businesses. The company created a program under which bloggers and websites stick links to their pages for a reviewed product for getting fees whenever a purchase is made. We can infer that affiliate marketing is practically paid for the performance marketing program.

    What is affiliate marketing?

    A marketing scheme involving partners that are given compensation for the business they create. Digital marketing, analytics and cookies have contributed to the growth of affiliate marketing worth a billion dollars. Firms pay affiliates to them per sale or rarely by clicks and impressions.

    Affiliate marketing service providers can track the links that come up with the leads. Using internal analytics, they may find how much of them have been converted into sales. As per a business insider, 15 per cent of the revenue generated from e-commerce is attributed to affiliate marketing. The top affiliate marketing companies know about converting your sales tremendously.

    Any e-commerce merchant who wishes to reach a broader range of internet users can hire affiliate marketing service providers. Digitviral comes up with different reliable techniques to be one of the top affiliate marketing companies.

    Importance Of Affiliate Marketing

    Recently, affiliate marketing has grown and established itself as a part of staple marketing. While many firms still neglect, it has created many opportunities for businesses. The competition for choosing the best affiliate is getting tougher. Nist of the big and established brands can reach the best marketers and get the benefit. Comparatively, smaller or newer brands have to go out of their way to attract marketers towards their side.

    The concept of affiliate marketing can yield great results for the affiliate and the merchant. The company’s benefits include low-cost marketing and efforts made by top affiliate marketing companies. On the other hand, the benefits affiliate gains are like earning incentives added to the income. The return on capital for affiliate marketing is great since the company only has to pay for traffic being converted into sales. DigitViral has the best affiliate marketing programmes in India for your business.

    Affiliate marketing for businesses can be in any way i.e., the owner of various websites or email marketing lists. The greater the number of websites or email lists the affiliate has, the broader the user base it can reach. The hired affiliate marketing service provider is supposed to promote the services and products offered by that e-commerce platform. There are various methods an affiliate can do this viz by running text ads, banner ads or links over websites or sending emails to clients.

    Five Key Characteristics of Successful Affiliate Marketing Programs

    1. Products that provide value to your customer base.
    2. Attention to KPIs so you can identify areas of potential improvement and growth.
    3. A thriving affiliate community that fosters loyalty and provides resources and motivation.
    4. Patience while you wait for growth.
    5. Profitability is achieved by supporting your affiliates and optimizing your commission rates.

    How to do Affiliate Marketing?

    Different affiliate marketing service providers target different ways of marketing. There are various channels for their job. Not every affiliate prefers to advertise the products in the most used way. The different channels may leverage the product advertisement. Let's have a look at some of them.

    1. Influencers

    Influencers are the new age method of having an impact over a large chunk of the population regarding your product as they are followed by the common people fondly. The influencers are too in a great position to benefit from affiliate marketing. The huge number of their followers allows the marketer to reach consumers directly and redirect them towards the seller’s products via blogs, social media posts, stories and other ways of interaction. Influencers get the share of profits they have helped to create.

    Such influencer marketing campaigns are very popular on Instagram since the brands get merged with influencers who are considered to influence specific audiences as per their niche. As per the contents of a deal, a particular campaign may have a series of product reviews with attached photos or videos.

    2. Bloggers

    Bloggers can get themselves ranked organically in search engines queries and thus, are excellent at boosting the seller’s conversions. The bloggers sample the services or products and pen down a comprehensive review that advertises the brand in an eye-catching way, diverting the audience’s traffic towards the seller’s website. The blogger gets an award for their impact and spreading the message about the product to improve the brand’s sales.

    3. Paid Search Focused Microsites

    Developing microsites with their monetization is also an excellent way to improve sales. Such sites are promoted within a partner website or on the sponsored listings off any search engine. They are supposed to be distinct and independent from the firm’s main website. The advantage of promoting through such sites is they offer focused and relevant content to a specific audience.

    4. Email Lists

    Though older email marketing is still considered a viable method of affiliate marketing income, some of the affiliates own email lists that they can use to advertise the seller’s products and services. Some may use email newsletters that have hyperlinks to products which help them to gain commission after the product is sold.

    5. Large Media Websites

    These are designed to originate significant traffic by focusing on building an audience of about a million. They use banners and contextual affiliate links for promoting products to their massive audience through websites. The advantage is that it gives extra exposure and enhances the conversion rates, bringing top-notch revenue for both affiliate and seller again.

    Why choose DigitViral for Affiliate Marketing?

    Top affiliate marketing companies have allowed brands and publishers to shake hands and be a part of a potentially lucrative profit-sharing business. You need to tie up with the best affiliate marketing programs for maximum profits and exaggerated sales. Let us look over the reasons you should consult us for your brand promotion through affiliate marketing.

    1. Quality Affiliates

    As affiliates, we play the role of a bridge between you and customers. We promote your services or products to our unique audience and expand your brand’s reach by exposing your true to new prospects you might not reach otherwise. However, not everyone is knowledgeable enough to make you reach your goals. We provide you with the best quality affiliates that are knowledgeable about your products and have the most creative ways to increase your sales.

    2. Close Tracking of KPIs

    KPIs make us know about the data related to the effectiveness of individual campaigns. They are a good source to judge your business overall. These metrics include components like click-through rate, conversion rate, cost per click, etc. Our marketers keep a close look at such hard data and provide you with an accurate picture of the affiliate campaign’s performance. KPIs are crucial for a reality check and successful affiliate marketers closely observe them. You don’t have to worry about collecting and analyzing such data with us.

    3. Problem-Solving & Decision-Making of Our Marketers

    An affiliate marketer has to solve problems and make decisions constantly. There is no guidebook to help you with. You would need an experienced affiliate marketer to make you think of a solution. DigitViral has the most potential and hard-working marketers to help you make tough decisions logically and not fall for traps.

    4. Uninterrupted Customer Support

    DigitViral is considered to be one of the best digital marketing companies. The most specific reason is our strong customer support. The primary objective of our firm is to satisfy customers. Our clients can reach us easily through various ways like email or online contact forms. Last but not least our customer support executives are available 24×7.


    Creating a successful affiliate program takes work. While the definition of success may vary between brands, there are definite attributes you can develop and incorporate into your strategy to unlock your earning potential and increase affiliate and customer satisfaction. Do you also wish to be in the list of best affiliate programs in India? The way competition is increasing, it is necessary to utilize the best affiliate marketing programs nearby to strengthen your marketing strategy. Choose Digitviral for the best affiliate marketing services.