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    Email marketing has been the most widely used term in the present scenario. It has definitely shaped the marketing strategy into a different structure. Email marketing companies are now setting up roots in providing email marketing services in the market, getting potential clients who would want to get assistance. It is impressive that Email marketing is now one of the multiple market tricks to get clients through email. Email Marketing service providers avail this service for small businesses and professionals. Digitviral is a professional email marketing company delivering the service to potential clients.

    What is Email Marketing?

    Email marketing is advertising your product or service through email and targeting potential clients. It is a way to connect with the audience and generate sales by email advertising. Various email marketing agencies are hired to do the task professionally with proper planning. So, is it that easy to generate sales? Just by sending emails to people about your service or products? This may sound tricky because there is a restriction that the mail has to send only if the concerned person to whom the mail is to be shared allows doing so.

    You are not allowed to share the advertisement email with anyone willingly. It is mandatory to remember business ethics and be on your best behavior. And hence, this requires a strategic method to break down the task in a way that would benefit the company. Some of the best email marketing service providers are skilled in performing this task and giving satisfactory results to their customers like we here at Digitviral.

    Importance of Email Marketing

    Email marketing is a great way to connect with customers via email advertisement while maintaining ethical boundaries. The process of email marketing and the result is layered with benefits that can bring you a good no. of clients. Email marketing comes with many benefits and some of them are listed below:

    Email marketing has greater reach

    Email is an officially used application around the globe. It has a base of millions of users. Email is used globally and a trusted channel for professionals and companies to share everything through an Email. So, email marketing would expose you to a larger audience to formally advertise the service or product. The best example here is zomato. They creatively advertise their services to their customers through emails.

    Track your Email

    Since Email marketing is a part of digital marketing, it is evident that the process can be tracked down and understand the strategical approach that is needed to be adopted by the company. The metrics like unsubscribe rate links clicked and open rates would give you how the whole Email marketing process is working for you. Email marketing agencies cover up everything for you.

    Easy or zero investment

    The most intriguing point in Email marketing is that it can be done with zero investment. Engaging some time and putting effort would work for your firm. Several free version platforms can be used. However, they come with certain feature limitations. So, all you need is time, creativity, and effort to invest. The ROI here is excellent and one strong reason to adopt the conversation method.

    Viable and engaging

    People check their emails with the tendency to receive something useful for them. An engaging email created with innovative thinking and in the right way will hold on to them for a while. It is the real-time method for your business to grow. We all know that content is the king. If the email are designed with great content, it is sure to solve the purpose.

    Expose yourself to other marketing tactics

    Once you use Email marketing you will be exposed to the power of digital marketing since email marketing is a form of it. You will be able to shift to more online marketing methods once you experience how these techniques help your business to grow from any part of the world.

    How to do Email Marketing?

    Know your audience and have a goal:

    Email Marketing companies often first understand your goal and the target audience that would be interested in your services or products and then design the email for the Email marketing campaign. Through this way, a tailor made approach is designed for an effective email marketing campaign, which eventually brings more leads and increases the overall revenue.

    Have a strategy to get people to subscribe to your email service

    You must have a way to get people to subscribe to your email. Do not focus on the number of subscribers you have, whether one or maybe a hundred. The subscribe button must be visible and the content so intriguing that people subscribe to your emails. A proper strategy should be in place to attract people to subscribe to your email.

    What is your Email campaign type

    We have said that understanding your audience and having a goal is a necessary step. With this comes what should be your Email campaign type, a weekly newsletter, advertising your product or service, announcements, offers, or anything that suits well with your goal and type of industry you serve in.

    Automated email marketing service or tools

    Automated email marketing service or tools that would send effortlessly created automated emails to the audience. The triggers and emails are related. Once the trigger is encountered, the email is sent to the user/subscriber. For instance, you may have done shopping online. Once you add something to your cart but do not buy the product, you receive an email like “left something in your cart?”. So, the trigger is adding products to the cart and leaving the site or app without ordering. Isn’t this an exciting way to market a product or service with less effort and time?

    How Digitviral does Email Marketing?

    Digitviral would complete the task by reducing the hustle for you as it works as a professional email marketing company for its clients. The service we offer is set to achieve the organizational goal for their clients and have customer satisfaction. We have 4 pillars on which our entire email marketing services and strategies are inclined. Let us have a look at these 4 pillars.


    We aim to achieve your future goal, i.e., growth and profit through increasing sales, so proper planning is the first step to start the work is the methodology we adopt. We do brainstorming sessions with the clients to figure out the exact requirment. Post that, we do a full proof planning with our trained staffs.


    Once the team is aware of the plan, research is done so that future obstacle can be known for the smooth and steady running of the business. This involves getting aware of your business model, knowing your target audience, etc


    Once the planning and research part is done, we make the best use of resources and tools for Email marketing. We optmize the email marketing campaigns in a way that its fulfills clients objective.


    We adopt the strategies that would bring 100% satisfactory results and great ROI. Our process is very transparent and helps companies achieve desired results.

    Contact us for the best Email Marketing Strategy

    Being a professional email marketing company, our ethical duty is to assist our clients anytime they need help. We are committed and focused on providing services that would not bother the clients in any manner and only bring them profit and growth. The world is now technically aided in every manner. Email marketing can open the gate for you to generate good sales in a short time, replacing the old marketing techniques if appropriately used. So, Digitviral is here to bridge the gap between you and the benefits attached with Email marketing. Contact and get a great service experience with Digitviral.


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