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    Mobile Application Develoment is the need of the hour

    Nowadays, people are becoming more dependent on their mobile phones as several applications have made them more than just devices. Whether it is banking, entertainment, work-oriented programs, social media platforms, or investment-based platforms, mobile apps have come a long way to provide mobile phone users with useful facilities. This also has become a unique tool for businesses as it helps service providers to deliver their service or products to their customers easily. Creating the appropriate apps for mobile phones that can solve your customers’ problems is not an easy task and requires special handling. Expert minds, engineering and a lot of research are behind the success of each app. DigitViral is a reliable mobile app development company that aims to provide you with the best apps developed with intense care and perfection.

    What is mobile app development?

    It is a unique process used to develop apps for mobile phones. These software applications are specifically designed to run on mobile phones and tablets. Some of these apps are pre-installed on every mobile device, and others have to be downloaded or installed using app stores such as google play store. It is a long process requiring much research and expert knowledge. There are professional mobile application development companies to do this work with efficiency. 

    Importance Of Mobile Application Development

    Platform accessibility

    Using different mobile applications, one can access almost every online platform. Whether it is a gaming platform, educational platform, entertainment platform, or social media platform, it gives you access to everything. If you succeed in releasing a perfect app in this app jungle, it can give you impressive results.

    It helps businesses to strengthen their bond with customers

    Mobile apps increase the accessibility of your service to your customers, and as a result, you can have a strong bond with your potential customers. You would also be able to give notifications to your customers to tell them about any changes with your product or service. This helps to increse awareness about any product or services in a better way.

    Brand Recognition and loyalty

    When your customer can find a separate application for your business, it increases your overall brand impression. Besides that, if you have a separate application for your business, it would be easy to quickly deliver quality service to your clients. The managing committee can develop brand loyalty programs depending on the results. 

    Attract customers and boost sales

    Companies invest more time on the company’s app than the company’s website as apps are designed to engage your customer. A reliable mobile application development agency would develop the app to be engaging, and potential customers can easily find what they are looking for. These boost the sales of your company.

    Payment and services

    Mobile applications are packed with several features that allow customers to quickly get the services and make their payments. As an example, if you run a restaurant, your app will allow customers to order through it and pay using several payment options through the app. It will help you to provide your customers with better service. 

    Types of Mobile App Development

    One can do mobile app development using four different ways that are 

    • Native Mobile App development
    • Cross-Platform Mobile App development 
    • Hybrid Mobile App development
    •  Progressive Web App development

    Cross-Platform mobile app development is most appropriate for businesses as it can be written in different programming languages and then compiled for each platform in separate ways. It allows you to align the user experience across all the platforms, including iOS and Android. You don’t have to invest money and time to build and maintain two different apps for different platforms.

    Key steps in Mobile appp development

    • Building a strategy 
    • Research 
    • Set the features 
    • Set a minimum viable product which means a specialized version of the app for your early customers. 
    • Plan the app development 
    • Build the UX/UI design for the app
    • Build different pages of the app 
    • Do the wireframes
    • Set up the style guide
    • Do the modification 
    • Prototype development
    • Do the backend development Testing 
    • Releasing the app in the app stores. 

    How Digitviral does mobile app development ?

    Thorough research

    Before creating the strategy, we thoroughly research your target audience, market, and competitors. We understand your requirements to develop an application that can be beneficial to you. We choose the best features for your customers to provide them with a quality experience. Your words matter, and that’s why we believe in discussing these things with you to understand your requirements. 

    Best design

    We provide you with the best-designed app. With our highly experienced UX/UI designers, We make sure to deliver engaging and easily accessible designs to your customers. We build every page of your app with intense care and professionalism. We give special attention to the wireframes so that we can develop a quality app. The style guides are created to make it eye-catchy and engaging

    Modification according to your reviews

    Designing a mobile app development is a continuous process that involves frequent checking and validation. It is very integral part of mobile development process. We do endless modifications according to your feedback as your reviews matter to us. This helps helps us to design the mobile app according to your needs. We aim to provide you with complete satisfaction. 

    Special care to the backend development

    We understand the importance of backend development as it will allow you to access the database. We have experienced backend developers in our team to provide you with the best outputs. You can access the database and monitor your customer’s activities without any hiccups.


    It is important to test the app before releasing that in the market. We test the app from every aspect before handing it to you. This includes user experience testing, functional testing, performance testing, security testing and platform, and device testing.


    We make sure to release your app in reliable app stores such as Google Play Store and Apple app store with suitable metadata that includes your app’s title, Description, Category, Keywords, Launch icon and App store screenshots.


    Best Service Gauranteed

    Digitviral is an efficient SMB mobile app development company for businesses on which you can rely. With our years of work experience and intense knowledge in this field, we provide our clients with the best-in-class service. We understand the need for a well-designed and well-developed app in today’s scenario and how much it is important for your business. We make sure that you can climb the ladder of success without any problems by using the app developed by our skilled team. As a professional mobile app development agency, we have solutions for all your needs or issues. We believe that your success is our ultimate reward. Contact today to develop an appropriate app for your business. 


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