Mobile Marketing usefulness has increased by leaps and bounds, thanks to the advancement of technology. We ensure to adopt the best mobile marketing strategy that places your ads on websites specially optimized for mobile viewing.


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    What is Mobile Marketing?

    Mobile marketing is any kind of advertising activity that promotes products or services through mobile devices, like tablets or smartphones. It utilizes the features of present-day mobile technology, such as location services, for tailoring marketing campaigns based on a person’s location. Mobile marketing solutions are a way through which technology is used for creating a personalized promotion for users who are always connected to any network. Nowadays, customers have shifted their attention as well as money to their mobiles. Due to this, marketers also have to do the same thing to create proper engagement. With technology becoming more and more fragmented, it also happens to marketing. If you want to earn and maintain potential buyers’ attention, your content has to be strategic and truly personalized.

    Speaking of Mobile marketing campaigns, this includes keeping devices under track while utilizing SMS/MMS marketing or mobile apps. Therefore, mobile marketing becomes a crucial piece in the puzzle for building any kind of marketing plan. This means that there exists a channel for mobile marketing that can reach your audience wherever they are comfortable. DigitViral, one of the best mobile marketing agency, provides unique mobile marketing solutions to all types of businesses.

    Importance of Mobile Marketing

    These are a few reasons why Mobile marketing is important and why you should hire a mobile marketing agency

    Quick Services

    Consumers want good, simple and fast services. People usually look for service providers who will be able to fulfill their needs anywhere, anytime. A company has to contact their user through mobile marketing strategies. Customers will also be able to send feedback.

    Tracking delivery
    Importance of Mobile

    Mobile is a necessity in modern daily life. It is possible to carry it anywhere, making it a favorite device for online shopping in free time.

    SMS Marketing

    SMS marketing has brought a paradigm shift in marketing. As a result, users get notified about offers, discounts and sales via SMS.

    Mobile Search Index

    Google makes search indexes on the basis of mobile search rankings instead of desktop searches. Your website’s ranking will therefore be based on the number of mobile searches.

    How is it done?

    A mobile marketing agency might include promotions that are sent with the help of SMS, MMS, downloaded apps via push notifications, in-app marketing, mobile websites, or scanning a QR code. Proximity systems, as well as location-based services, will alert users on the basis of geographic location and proximity to service providers. Mobile marketing makes up an indispensable technique for companies of all sizes because mobile devices are now irreplaceable. The most important players in this space are actually the brands as well as the companies they represent, along with service providers who make mobile advertising successful.

    A noteworthy behavior in the space of mobile marketing is called “snacking.” When mobile users check in to any media or message someone for a brief period, looking for instant gratification leads to more contact points for marketers. For mobile marketing, it needs to be understood that the device and screen size makes a huge difference. Therefore, users of smartphones and iPad tablets will react differently to the process of mobile marketing.

    How do we at DigitViral do Mobile Marketing?

    DigitViral provides the best mobile marketing services using the following strategies

    SMS Marketing

    SMS marketing refers to marketing with the help of text messages. This is actually a permission-based strategy wherein you can send promotions, coupons, deals, alerts, and much more directly to potential customers’ phones through text messages that have less than 160 characters. According to the stats: People read almost 98% of SMS messages. Maximum people respond to SMS messages within 1.30 minutes. The rate of response for SMS marketing is almost 45%. This is obvious because people have their phones always with them, and the notifications are for incoming SMS messages, which is why they are hard to ignore. Because text messages are short, several marketers also choose to include a link from where the user will get more ideas. A good practice to use SMS marketing is avoiding overuse.

    Social Media Marketing

    Several smartphone owners use their phones to access social media. Surveys show that all over the world, Facebook and WhatsApp maintain huge popularity and are used by more than 50% of people. Every main social media platform has several millions of users. Thus it definitely makes sense to utilize social media to be a major mobile marketing strategy. Social media marketing constitutes among the best mobile marketing strategy for businesses. Social media platforms also make it easy if you want to create a connection with the customers through comments and messages. You will also be making your business appealing through customer referrals and recommendations. Increasingly it is becoming common for social media advertising as a guarantee to reach the desired customers. Usually,  such a mobile marketing will allow you to create your audience base with proper demographic information while helping you set your campaign goals, budgets, and durations.

    Location-Based Marketing

    Location-based marketing puts into use GPS function on your smartphone to help marketers showcase promotions and relevant content with respect to the location of the users. Often location-based marketing may be referred to as geotargeting or geolocation marketing. More than 80% of marketers have seen more success through promotions if they are based on locations. This kind of marketing leads to more engagement along with a better response since it is more relevant to the mobile users and their activities and location. For instance, you might want to show a promotion for any restaurant to a person in the area with indirect encouragement for visiting the restaurant.

    Proximity Marketing

    Proximity marketing refers to another kind of marketing that is location-based. This allows you to use Bluetooth for figuring out the location where potential customers are, to target them with the help of lucrative promotions. A good example of this kind of promotion is beacon marketing that relies on the physical Bluetooth-enabled devices near their stores. These devices will send short-range signals into mobile devices that people are able to see as soon as they are in your location. This makes it another proven tactic for driving foot traffic. Toyota uses proximity marketing to attract more customers who can buy their cars into their dealerships.