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Projectbrief:, the company is promoted and managed by decade-old veterans in the online reputation management industry. They bank on the expertise of a young energetic team of professionals who are always on their toes to meet the specialized requirements of clients. The company operates under the able leadership of its director who holds more than years of expertise in relative verticals including business development, marketing and sales, and customer relationship management.


Their vision is to prevail as the international leader of Online Reputation Protection by providing their clients with a means of taking control of the online presence through publishing and promoting positive personal information. The company makes business better by delivering reliable Reputation Protection services.


Prior to discovering SEO best practices using Digitviral, Reputation protection online allocated budget to promote Google Ad campaigns. With customers and the future in mind, RPO believed their SEO footprint wasn’t big enough. RPO paired up with Digit viral to build a new corporate website with SEO at the forefront of it all.

Gather all information:


Their competition began with the advertising on Google Ad words that results in increasing volume, and decrease in the on-page ad positions. With higher competition for key search phrases, RPO account was becoming far more expensive and providing a poor return on the investment.

Prior to Digitviral, the RPO Ad words account, shows the Ad impressions were high, but a significant decrease in the number of clicks. That means a huge number of people were seeing the ads, but only few of them clicking.

Find solution & solve it:

We took our client’s “Widgets” campaign and expanded it from three Ad groups to six. By making the Ads relate more to the specific keywords, the click-through rates started improving immediately and hence the significant improvement in the result. 

Targeted Ad groups, focusing on particular aspects of this company’s widgets, provided a much higher CTR. As the CTR improved, Google rewarded Reputation protection online by lowering the CPC(cost per click).

Refinement over time: The original campaigns and Ad groups have evolved over time. Our client still enjoys a meaningful return on investment on their Google Ad spend. Our client also uses Google Ads conversion tracking to determine how many form fills and phone calls their Ads are generating.

For the past three years, we have managed this client’s account and continued to provide value. We continuously work to refine strategies to support the client’s AdWords goals.


Finally get the result:

Digitviral rebuilt the customer’s AdWords account from the ground up, splitting it into meaningful campaigns that targeted specific demographics. Digitviral built Ad Groups within each campaign and created ads targeting audiences within each group. As a result, Ad engagement began increasing, which lowered the cost-per-click for the client’s Ads.

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