Project Brief:, is a leading online platform for Financial courses. “MODRIKA” is the word derived from the Sanskrit word “Mudra”, which means currency. The essence of MODRIKA is derived as “Art of Making Money”. MODRIKA is primarily a training and technology solutions provider for capital markets and has been operating internationally for over half a decade. They provide technology-driven wealth management solutions. Its team develops custom software and financial market technical analysis systems for financial technology firms, retail brokers, market makers, exchanges and individual traders. Leveraging near shore or offshore outsourcing allows their clients to optimize project budget, reduce expenses, and maximize both fiscal and organizational goals.

Gather all information: came to us expressing their concerns about the customer user experience of the website and the desire for their values and passions to shine through. With a larger segment of their customers being of the age 25+, recognized the sizable opportunity that offered. They just needed the right marketing strategy to reach the right audience. 

Additionally, explained the challenge of their website’s content management system, which did not allow for easy changes or updates. From the beginning, it was an important goal of theirs to have the ability to regularly make updates, pain-free and at their leisure.

Find solution & solve it: Based on the goals and opportunities uncovered with during the discovery phase, Digitviral recommended a complete redesign to the User interface to bring life back to the website. We provided expert research and implementation of SEO strategies to not only improve their visibility on search engines but also reach their target audience to earn revenue. 

Understanding the growing concern in the finance learning platform, the site also needed to go through a thorough checklist at each stage of design and development to ensure the best user experience and highest accessibility score possible.

Finally get the Result: now acquires a User-friendly interface with mobile responsive website with a modern look and feel. They now provide their users the content in video format as well with interactive learning modules in a judgment free zone where their customers can learn and explore at their own pace at any time.

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